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Support AMA by buying Two Rivers Specialty Meat packs. It's as simple as placing your order on this web page and Two Rivers contacts you with pick up information within one week of placing an order. Two Rivers' main office is located at 180 Donaghy Ave, North Vancouver and open between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. 15% of all sales will be donated back to Argyle Music Association.

In order to track individual students fundraising efforts please include student's first and last name and student number if you have it.

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Jun 30, 2021
Jun 30, 2021
Goal $2,000
Current: $182
Surf & Turf Box $185Qty:
2 x Canadian Natural Beef Ribeye Steaks (10-12 oz./ea)
2 x Canadian Natural Beef Striploin Steaks (8-10 oz./ea)
4 x Canadian Natural Beef Flat Iron Steaks (6 oz./ea)
Organic Ocean Hokkaido Scallops (1 lbs)
Organic Ocean Wild Blue Shrimp (1 lbs)
Organic Ocean Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails (1 lbs)
Meat & Seafood Griller $130Qty:
4 x Organic Ocean Pacific Halibut (6 oz./ea)
4 x Organic Ocean Sockeye Salmon (6 oz./ea)
2 x Two Rivers Sausage / IPA Chorizo (8 sausages total)
2 x Two Rivers Sausage / Lamb Merguez (8 sausages total)
4 x Farmcrest Specialty Non-GMO Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
The Grill Box $115Qty:
4 x Farmcrest Specialty Non-GMO boneless skinless chicken legs
4 x 6oz Canadian Natural Beef Flat iron steaks
4 x 8oz Fraser Valley bone in pork chops
8 x Two Rivers Fennel Italian sausage
12 x Two Rivers all beef hot dogs
The Essential Box $115Qty:
2 x 1lb pack of Fraser Valley sliced smoked bacon
4 x Farmcrest Specialty Non-GMO boneless skinless chicken breast
1 x Farmcrest Specialty Non-GMO whole chicken (3lbs)
4 x 6oz Canadian Natural Beef tri-tip sirloin steaks
2 x 1lb Cache Creek Natural lean ground beef
Bacon Box $95Qty:
8 x 1lb packs of Fraser Valley Bacon, sliced (~8 lbs)
Two Rivers Beef Grind Box $85Qty:
8 1lb packs of Two Rivers Specialty Lean Ground Beef (~8 lbs)
Chicken Thigh Box $75Qty:
8 packs of Farmcrest Non-GMO Chicken Thigh, boneless, skinless (~4 piece packs)

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