Canadian Rangeland Ranch


Lacombe, AB

Canadian Rangeland Bison are raised and produced with the primary emphasis placed on the welfare of the animal. The bison spend the majority of their lives in their natural habitat, where they have the freedom, and space, to roam and graze as they want. Canadian Rangeland works with local producers, which provides for short trucking distances when the bison do go to slaughter. Short trucking distances and local production minimizes the stress experienced by the animals, and ultimately, increases the quality of the final product.

Canadian Rangeland Bison is proud to be one of the very few third party certified marketers of bison. In collaboration with SGS, one of the world’s leading certification bodies, Canadian Rangeland is subject to a stringent, yearly, auditing program to ensure highest quality of meat for our customers. Canadian Rangeland Bison works closely with local producers to continually assess and improve the standards of how animals are raised and produced. Canadian Rangeland Bison are free of any antibiotics, growth promotants, and animal by-products.

Canadian Rangeland Bison Code of Ethics and focus on Animal Welfare:

  • Independent third party auditing on a yearly basis
  • Natural environment for majority of their lives allows for space, freedom, and natural behaviors
  • No use of antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products
  • Minimal handling of animals
  • Animals are raised and produced in Western Canada
  • No purchase of market ready animals through sales or auction barns
  • Majority vegetative material on pasture/rangeland to encourage natural behaviors
  • Branding, castration and dehorning of animals is discouraged unless absolutely necessary
  • Use of electrical prodding is discouraged
  • Maximum of 16 hour transport to processing
  • Transport of animals encouraged to be by stock trailers, ground loads, and/or “fat” trailers
  • Producers are encouraged to retain ownership from pasture to processing
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Certified Homemone Free
  • Certified No Animal By-Products
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