Canadian Rangeland Ranch


Lacombe, AB

Canadian Rangeland Ranch bison and elk are born and raised on the Pilatus Bison Farm near Bentley, and spend their days grazing in herds on natural grasslands in the Rocky Mountain foothills. When their time has come, the vast majority of animals travel less than one hour to the abattoir. This short trucking distance not only lightens the environmental footprint, but also reduces animal stress, dehydration and bruising—all of which improve the animal’s quality of life and ensure high-quality meat that’s lean and flavourful.

Farms like Canadian Rangeland Ranch have played a major role in helping bison escape extinction and introducing Canadians to the health benefits of elk, a high-protein meat that’s naturally low in fat and cholesterol.

  • Antibiotic Free
  • Certified Homemone Free
  • Certified No Animal By-Products