Brant Lake Wagyu


Brant, AB

Brant Lake Wagyu, located in Brant, Alberta, grow their Wagyu cross animals slowly with a sustainable diet and maintain a strong health protocol, tracking individual animal health data therefore resulting in a superior, highly marbled beef. They are managed with minimum stress and treated in accordance with Verified Beef production practices. The Wagyu cross herd is free of growth hormones and animal by products.

Some people may be familiar with Kobe beef which is world famous for its quality. Kobe beef is simply Wagyu that comes from the Kobe region in Japan. Characteristically, Wagyu beef is highly marbled. This means that the muscle is finely interspersed with monounsaturated fat. Brant Lake Wagyu cross cattle produce beef has a higher marbling content than other commercial breeds in the Canadian market. This marbling gives the beef its ultimate taste and tenderness.

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